Windows 7 Anti-Piracy Update Now Live

New patch checks for more activation hacks.
Earlier this month, we detailed that Microsoft was prepping a Windows 7 Update that would improve Windows Activation Technologies to detect more than 70 known and potentially dangerous activation exploits.

Those paying attention to their Windows Update will see that the patch KB971033 is now live. It’s not explicitly named anything to do with Windows Activation Technologies, as it’s simply termed as an «Update for Windows 7.»

Microsoft previously pointed out that this update is completely voluntary and users can decline the update when it appears (though we can’t imagine why legitimate users would worry). Of course, if a hack or exploit is found, Windows 7 will alert the user by removing the desktop background and pop up periodic reminders of just how non-genuine it is feeling.
Read more about the patch here.

Talking about Hidden Windows 7 Media Center Options

Hidden Windows 7 Media Center Options

/nostartupanimation – disables the startup animation
/noshutdownui – removes the shutdown item from Tasks
/mediamode – start in “media only mode” with no minimize/close buttons
/widescreen – force widescreen mode
/nochrome – launch windowed mode without the containing window
/playallmusic – Play all music at startup
/playfavmusic – Play favorite music at startup
/playfavslideshow – Play favorite slideshow at startup
/playfavslideshowwithmusic – Same as above with music
/playslideshow – Play all slideshows
/playslideshowwithmusic – Same as above with music
/screensaver – Start media center in screensaver mode
/configuress – Start media center at configuring screen saver menu

To enable these switches, right click the Media Center shortcut you’d like to modify and enter the switches you’d like to enable in the target input box.

Multiple switches can be enabled by entering multiple switches separated with a space in the target input. Now launching your Windows 7 Media Center through this particular shortcut will open the program just the way you like.

New 10 Windows7 Themes

th_265624In Windows 7, Microsoft has included a new desktop customization feature called Aero Themes which enables users to customize the desktop wallpaper with a matching glass color, screensaver, icons and sound scheme of their choice.

Here is a collection of different Windows 7 themes including the ones from the final RTM Build of Windows 7.

Installation Instructions: Double click the downloaded .themepack file to install it. These themes will only work on Windows 7.