Official: Google Announces the Nexus One

preview Well, here it is. The announcement we’ve all been waiting for.

Well, here it is. The announcement we’ve all been waiting for.

Google today officially announced the Nexus One. Considering there were more than a few units floating around before today, the specifications came as no big surprise but HTC and the search giant did have a few previously unknown details for us to chew on.

I’ll start with a quick run down of the specs in case anyone needs a refresher:

The Nexus One packs a 3.7-inch AMOLED touch display; 5 megapixel camera complete with LED flash; light and proximity sensor; compass; GPS; trackball, which is enhanced by a cute multicolor notification LED underneath; accelerometer, 512MB for app storage and Android 2.1. All this runs on a 1GHz Snapdragon processor.

One of the things Google clarified is that yes, the device is on T-Mobile. Buying from T-Mobile will get you the device for $179, while buying directly from Google will set you back $529. However, it’s not exclusive to the network. What we didn’t know before was that Verizon will be getting the device in the spring. Those of you who missed out on the DROID for one reason or another will have one more reason to upgrade/move to Verizon. For any European readers, Vodafone is getting the Nexus One later this year, which makes sense considering the company is tied to Verizon.

The most notable of the new features Android 2.1 offers are an improved weather and news widget, animated wallpapers and pretty nifty speech to text that includes the ability to add punctuation just by saying “period” or “comma.”

Word on the street is that when it comes to purchasing the phone, it’s Google Checkout or bust. If you plan on dropping the cash to get one off contract, let us know if this is actually the case and if you’re okay with handing over your credit card details to Google.

The U.S. release is right away, of course. Trials are underway in Singapore, the UK and Hong Kong with more countries to follow.

Visit for demos of the apps and to buy.