How To Fix – “Windows Live Writer requires the installation of the .NET Framework” Error .

In an unavoidable circumstance, I had to rebuild Windows Vista OS today.  After rebuilding the OS I noticed the recent Technology Preview of Windows Live Writer is no more part of my Start Menu Programs list. I searched for installation folder of Live Writer CTP under program files, but no luck. Seems to be it was erased while rebuilding the OS.

The only option I had is to download and reinstall the CTP of Windows Live Writer. I headed to Writer Zone blog and downloaded the installer. Up on launching the Installer, I was greeting with a following error message

Windows Live Writer requires the installation of the .NET Framework. Please install this before installing Windows Live Writer


Surprised to see this message and verified whether .NET Framework is installed or not. As I’m a .NET software developer, I always have the latest .NET Framework installed on my laptop. Versions 1.1, 2.0 & 3.5 are installed on my Laptop. So problem is not related to .NET framework but something else.

I Googled for solution on the Internet but seems to be not many people are facing this type of problem. I did not get any information that can help me to solve the issue.

Then I decided to try my luck by first uninstalling the older of Windows Live Writer and then install the new Live Writer CTP. Luckily it worked :) . Now I’ve the latest version of Windows Live Writer installed on my laptop.

Hope this post is going to be useful for someone who faces similar kind of Installation problem with Windows Live Writer CTP

How to Watermark Images Using Windows Live Writer

Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer is the best free application for blogging. The ease at which one can blog with Windows Live Writer is amazing as we get all the tools required for composing a blog post right inside a single window.

One of the such useful features available in Windows Live Writer is the ability to watermark  images. It is a good idea to watermark(add text or a logo which identifies the owner of the media) images and photos of your blog so that it is hard for others to steal your work. Look at the below image which is watermarked with the text (visible at the center of the image).


Lets see how to watermark images using Windows Live Writer

1. Select the image of your blog post being composed in Windows Live Writer

2. Choose the option “Watermark.” available on the right side options panel; Open Watermarking options window


3.Enter your watermark text, customize the font and position of the watermark with the help of onscreen controls


4. Click Ok to add the watermark. That’s all.

So you know how to watermark images easily with Windows Live Writer. It is advised to make it as a practice to watermark all the images of blog posts as it keeps content pirates at bay.