BBSYDP (Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Youth Development Program)AVAILABLE TRAININGS


1 . Agriculture

1. Agriculture Farm Management                                                                 Apply Now
2. Mechanic for Agricultural Machineries                                                       Apply Now
3. Nursery Management                                                                              Apply Now
4. Skill Development Training for Floriculture                                                Apply Now
5. Training for Food Technology                                                                    Apply Now

2 . Education

1. English Language, Mathematics, Science for Graduates                            Apply Now
2. English Language, Mathematics, Science for intermediates                       Apply Now
3. English Language, Mathematics, Science for Postgraduates                      Apply Now
4. Tutor Training in English Language, Mathematics and Science                  Apply Now

3 . Health

1. Anaesthesia Technician                                                                           Apply Now
2. Blood Technician                                                                                     Apply Now
3. Dental Surgery Assistant                                                                        Apply Now
4. Dispenser                                                                                               Apply Now
5. ECG Technician                                                                                       Apply Now
6. Lab Technician                                                                                        Apply Now
7. Medical Representative                                                                            Apply Now
8. Midwives                                                                                                 Apply Now
9. OT Technician                                                                                          Apply Now
10. X-Ray Technician                                                                                   Apply Now

4 . Information Technology

1. Auto Cad Designer                                                                                  Apply Now
2. Call Center Agent                                                                                    Apply Now
3. Computer Operator                                                                                 Apply Now
4. Data Entry Operator                                                                               Apply Now
5. Hardware Engineer                                                                                 Apply Now
6. Multimedia Graphics Designer                                                                 Apply Now
7. Network Specialist (Microsoft)                                                                 Apply Now
8. Software Engineer                                                                                  Apply Now
9. System Administrator                                                                            Apply Now
10. Web Developer (Open Source/ Microsoft)                                               Apply Now

5 . Livestock And Fisheries

1. Agriculture                                                                                             Apply Now
2. Artificial Insemination Techniques                                                          Apply Now
3. DVM Training (Poultry)                                                                           Apply Now
4. Fresh Water Biology & Fisheries                                                             Apply Now
5. Lab Attendant Training (Poultry)                                                            Apply Now
6. Livestock Disease Diagnostic Practices                                                   Apply Now
7. Livestock Production & Extension Services                                             Apply Now
8. Marine Biology                                                                                       Apply Now
9. Poultry Disease Diagnostic Practices                                                      Apply Now
10. Poultry Production & Extension Services                                              Apply Now
11. Preventive & Curative Veterinary Practices                                           Apply Now
12. Stock Assistant Training (Poultry)                                                        Apply Now
13. Zoology                                                                                               Apply Now

6 . Social Welfare

1. Auto Cad Expert                                                                                    Apply Now
2. Call Center Agent                                                                                  Apply Now
3. Data Entry Operator                                                                              Apply Now
4. Data Processing Officer / IT Officer                                                         Apply Now
5. Database Administrator (Module-1)                                                       Apply Now
6. Database Administrator (Module-2)                                                       Apply Now
a. GIS Expert                                                                                            Apply Now
8. Hardware Engineer                                                                               Apply Now
9. IT Financial Manager                                                                             Apply Now
10. IT Project Manager                                                                              Apply Now
11. Network Manager (Module-1)                                                              Apply Now
12. Network Manager (Module-2)                                                              Apply Now
13. Quality Assurance (QA)                                                                       Apply Now
14. Software Engineer (Module-1)                                                             Apply Now
15. Software Engineer (Module-2)                                                             Apply Now
16. Web Developer (Module 1)                                                                   Apply Now
17. Web Developer (Module 2)                                                                   Apply Now

7 . Women Development

1. Baby Childcare Training                                                                         Apply Now
2. Beautician Course                                                                                 Apply Now
3. Fine Art/Textile Designing                                                                     Apply Now
4. Secretarial Skill Development Training                                                   Apply Now

8 . Works and Services

1. Accounts Clerk                                                                                     Apply Now
2. Assistant Engineer                                                                              Apply Now
3. Computer Operator                                                                              Apply Now
4. Road Inspector/Road Mat                                                                     Apply Now
5. Senior Clerk                                                                                         Apply Now
6. Sub Engineer                                                                                       Apply Now
7. Work Mistry                                                                                         Apply Now

Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Youth Development Program (Guide line)



General Guide Lines for Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Youth Development Program

  • Concept:

The Government of Sindh has launched a major initiative, titled “Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Youth Development Program”, for addressing the issues of poverty and un-employment through Human resource development in the province. The Program aims to provide skill development to approximately 100,000 semi-literate and educated unemployed youth in Sindh for a period varying between 3 months to one year. The unemployed youth will be offered various skill development opportunities and job oriented certification courses for raising their employability local and international job market. This will help contain poverty and improve the socio-economic conditions of common citizens. In addition, the public and private sector business efficiency will increase through a well-placed, developed and skilled workforce.

  • Vision 2009-2010

a.Semi-literate and educated youth provided employable skills to meet the demand of local and international market.

  • Vision 2015-2020

a. Quality of Human resource improved (quality and discipline).

b. Trained manpower export to international markets.

c. Earning capacity of semi-literate and educated youth enhanced.

d. Reward of education recognized by a majority of urban and rural population.

e. Centre of excellence for vocational training formed in Sindh.

f. Foreign donors attracted to the program.

g. Stagflation addressed.

  • Objectives

a. To train human resources in Sindh to cater to the needs of public and private sector in local and international market.

b. To provide stipend to various categories of unemployed educated youth, with a view to provide them some income.

c. To provide quality trainings and certification to approximately 100,000 unemployed educated youth in first phase through technical and professional institutes and “On-Job training” by the public and private sector to increase their employability.

d. To provide linkage to the trained manpower to the local and international job market and explore self-employment opportunities.

  • Methodology

Different departments of Government of Sindh have prepared the proposals in the areas relevant to their domain of functions. As the number of stake holders and the target group is large and widely located all over the province therefore far reaching effort and sense of ownership on the part of departments and organizations has been endemic for program.

  • Stipend

The stipend for the period of training to trainees applying to both public and private sector, shall be paid according to their qualification/Course as given below:

a.For matriculate and below Rs 4000/m
b.Intermediate Rs 5000/m
c.Graduate Rs 6000/m
d.Master Rs 7000/m

  • Trainees’ Selection Criteria

a. The selection of trainees is to be in a manner that all districts in the province are covered.

b. Minimum qualification is to be met, in accordance to the prescribed rules/procedures.

c. Preference will be given to:

d. A candidate will be provided the opportunity for only one training course in a year.

e. All candidates will be required to apply for a specific trade/field of training on the prescribed application form.

f. The selection of applicants will be merit-based.

g. Applicant will be required to apply to the training institutes or departmental offices as specified in the advertisements.

h. List of successful applicants will be published on the program website, newspaper and pasted at the relevant training Institute.

i. All candidates will be required to apply for a specific trade/field of training on the prescribed application form.

  • Applications

a. Provincial Coordination Unit, in consultation with other partner departments, has drawn up a standard Application Form available at website of program.

b. Application Form shall be published in the Newspapers along with the departmental advertisements for selection of trainees.

c. The applicant must attach Form “B” from NADRA.

d. Domicile Certificate (Self or Father)

e. All applicants will be required to attach an “Undertaking” as stated in which will also be available with the online Application Form.

f. Online Application and undertaking facility will be provided through a program website.

g. Successful applicants will be required to provide their bank account details for payment of stipend.

h. The applicant can apply for only one training program in one department. However, an applicant applying for trainings in more than one department, he/she will be eligible to avail one training only.

i. A separate application form will be used for applying in the training programs offered by different departments.

  • Program Implementation Arrangement:

There will be a robust program administration at provincial and departmental level. Following mechanism has been created for this purpose:

i. Provincial Steering Committee (PSC):
The PSC is the epic body to provide the leadership and guidance for steering the program activities.

ii. Provincial Coordination Unit (PCU):
The PCU is the implementation arm of the PSC. It will act as Secretariat of the PSC and provide technical assistance.

iii. District Coordination Committee:
There shall be a DCC in every district where the program activity is undertaken.

iv. Project Management Unit (PMU):
Each partner department through Project Management Unit (PMU) is to implement the departmental proposal.

  • Program Implementation Arrangement

In consultation with the stakeholders the PCU has developed a uniform monitoring mechanism for the program. Following are the salient features of the monitoring system:

i. Bottom up monitoring system to ensure financial and quality performance management.

ii. Periodic review by provincial steering committee.

iii. PCU would communicate the feedback from the stakeholders (press, public representatives, general public etc.) to the departments/program units for taking necessary action.

iv. Third party / independent source validation by PCU.

  • Website

The website has been developed to containing relevant information including, the scope, training programs of various departments, district and trade wise availability of positions, guidelines and application forms. Furthermore, applicants are encouraged to apply through online application forms in order to simplify the selection of candidates.
In addition, the website will also show:

i. The courses available district wise.

ii. The number of applicants to be accepted per training course.

iii. Applications already submitted by candidates from the district.

iv. Central MIS/Database for tracking and performance Management.