Movie Maker: YouTube publishing issue now resolved

It came to our attention late last week that a change was made on resulting in a failure to publish movies directly from Windows Live Movie Maker.  The change was minor and behind-the-scenes, but unfortunately it did affect Movie Maker and the way it authenticates with the YouTube service for a set of our users.  This change wasn’t specific to Movie Maker – some other applications and websites that connect to YouTube were also affected.

Once users let us know, we alerted the YouTube team who promptly rolled out an update to the service, restoring the ability to publish from Movie Maker.  At this time, Movie Maker users shouldn’t have difficulty publishing directly to YouTube.  Thanks to the YouTube team for being great partners and turning this around so quickly!

Those of you on the Windows Live Answers site were also very helpful in raising this problem to our attention.  This is exactly what we had hoped people would use the new forums for – so thanks to everyone who helped raise this issue!

– The Windows Live Movie Maker team