Osama Bin Laden death may increase terror attacks (Fake Death, Fake Operation)

OsamaBinLadendeadOsama Bin Laden death may increase terror attacks
The recent death of Osama Bin Laden may be a psychological victory for America. However those in Al Queda and Hamas may use Osama’s death as a rallying cry against America, the west and Israel. Terror attacks could greatly increase in the coming days, weeks and months. With current Mideast instability in Iran, Iraq, Israel, Gaza and Libya the chances of extreme upheaval with renewed terror attacks directed at Israel and America Al Queda should be expected and prepared for



These are the real photos.
If you have not yet heard the president’s speech Osama Bin Laden was killed in a fire-fight. The M-16A2 bullet to the forehead is consistent with the damage of these bullets.
These bullets are designed to tumble and ricochet inside the body after penetration to cause more damage. All military personnel know this fact.

The photos above are an elaborate hoax. They were done by graphic professionals in 2006 during another hoax. My reason for posting them here is to highlight a serious hoax concerning Obama’s long form birth certificate just released a few days ago in April 2011. But before I give you the link to that post here lets talk about the Osama Bin Laden’s hoax death pictures. How do we know they are a hoax pictures?
First the obvious.
1.) Osama Bin Laden looks like he did nearly ten years ago except for the photo shop eye injuries. He has not aged.
2.) Death even on tanned skin begins to produce a non natural discoloration of the skin in just a few hours.
3.) The eye injury is consistent with a partial eye blow out from an M16-A2 bullet ricochet in the interior of the skull. However usually the eye will close with coagulated blood, not always but usually. Also if you look closely at the eyes you will see straight lined eye slits. This is possible because eyes when blown out will stretch the skin to produce this effect. In this case however the slits are just too straight and the whites of the eye are just too white. If you save the small picture of Obama and blow it up 100 percent, using the PAINT tool of windows then you will clearly see it has been photo shopped.
4.) Lastly is there a stock photo that exists with these features especially the mouth. Yes there is and you will see it just below.
Pakistan Quam ka saath Mazak…..


Additional by Search by JREF (MusT Watch…..)

Osama is dead. Now here is some new that may benefit you.


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