All Unverified SIMs To be Blocked by May 17: PTA

Un Verified SimCellular companies have been asked to block all unverified and un-authorized connections by May 17, 2011 if subscribers don’t register their SIMs on their computerized CNICs, reported Daily Times, citing a statement issued by PTA.

Paper said that PTA has directed cellular mobile operators to take all possible measures for the verifications of SIMS of their subscribers within specified time period through “SIM information System 668”.

In this regards, cellular operators are undergoing a massive campaign to rectify the inaccuracies in the data of mobile users’ antecedents as per instructions of telecom authority.

An awareness campaign through media and text SMSes to the subscribers is planned to be initiated in order to get their SIMs identities corrected through Customer Service Centers (CSC).

PTA had introduced “SIM information System 668” for the verification of mobile SIMs in October 2009. Accordingly, subscriber can send hisCNIC to 668 through SMS and in return he would receive detail of total SIMs against his CNIC along with name of the mobile company. In case there is any discrepancy, the user would visit CSC to get the data corrected.

The customers could also carry out SIM verification for quick proceeding through PTA website.

Now, the campaign has been set to re-launch after Minister of Interior Rahman Malik came in action against cellular operators last week and asked to block all unverified SIMs in 30 days.

PTA ordered all cellular operators to inform their subscribers about the registration of SIMs otherwise If he does not get his SIM cleared it would be blocked by May 17, 2011. “This is part of PTA efforts to block all illegal SIMs and clean the data of mobile users,” PTA statement added.

PTA and cellular phone operators in previous campaign against unnamed and unregistered SIMs and have blocked total 16.3 million unregistered SIMs during phase 1 and phase 2 in the last year.

Previously, PTA introduced “789 SIM Activation System” in February 2009 in order to register and verify subscribers’ identity with NADRA. Thereafter, non-activated SIMs are available in the market because SIMs are activated with Standard Operating Procedures prescribed by authority.

New SIMs are activated through this online verification system from NADRA after identification of legitimate users by asking secret questions such as place of birth etc.
The system had been designed to address security risks and preventing SIM misuse in the country.

There are 3.8 million SIM activation requests have so far been rejected on the basis of incorrect information by operators, the authority stated.


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