What is Diffrence Between Core.i3 and Core2duo

the difference?
Core i3
-integrated graphics
-PCI-e 2.0 controller, couple of em come with 2X8 along with da 1X16 support
-2channel integrated memory controller
-hyper threading

Core 2 duo
-65,45nm (needs more power n generates more heat)
-of course no concept of integrated graphics
-no PCI-E controller
-no memory controller
-no HT

there’s a lot more.. but i think this tells enough to decide whether you should go for an i3 or core 2 duo… i3 is a much more refined and mature architecture and i love what Intel is offering.. if only they could do something about the naming scheme :S

Posted via web from M.M.G’s another Technophile Adeel Ansari


thanks 4 u comments..

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