Microsoft Wants Internet Tax to Keep PCs Clean

Healthcare reform for PCs.
While speaking at the RSA security conference in San Francisco, Microsoft Corporate Vice President for Trustworthy Computing Scott Charney told attendees that the technology industry needs to change in the way its approaches security issues.

The speech comes at the heels of Microsoft’s recent attempt to shut down the Waledac botnet through the court system. Microsoft has also spent millions to combat hackers and their devious programs slipping through minuscule OS and browser cracks.

«I actually think the health care model… might be an interesting way to think about the problem,» Charney said. PCWorld reports that he made references to government aide such as those provided by the Department of Social Services and the Department of Health, both of which provide healthcare programs to qualified Americans. Naturally, these are also funded by taxpayer dollars.

Borrowing the idea from the government, an Internet healthcare plan would inspect a computer and quarantine the «sick.» This would be ideal because, according to Charney, when a PC is infected with malware, it’s not only infecting the user, but contaminating friends and families at the same time–much like an epidemic.

But to make an Internet PC healthcare plan work, the system would need funds. «Maybe markets will make it work,» Charney said, possibly referring to ISPs. «You could say it’s a public safety issue and do it with general taxation.»

General taxation could work as an additional fee in a monthly subscription bill. The money generated from the «taxation» would fund an ISP-supplied software suite that provides malware, anti-virus, and firewall protection. However many ISPs already offer internal or re-branded software for free to subscribers, renewing once a year.

The installation of software suites provided by ISPs is not mandatory.


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