How To Move/Copy Files Between Folders In Windows Live SkyDrive

A recent visitor of this blog asked us to explain how to move files between folders in Windows Live SkyDrive, the popular free online storage service from Microsoft. Moving or copying files between two folders of Windows Live SkyDrive is very easy.

Here are the steps to be followed

1. Login to your Windows Live SkyDrive and choose the file you want to Move or Copy


2. Click on the the option either Move or Copy depending on what on what operation you would like to do (I’m going to choose Move for illustrating screenshots in this article) . SkyDrive display all the folders available in your account

3. Select your destination folder by choosing one from the displayed list. SkyDrive shows you a confirmation screen.


4. Confirm file movement operation by choosing the option “Move this file into Documents”


5. Done. Your file is successfully moved to the target folder


3 thoughts on “How To Move/Copy Files Between Folders In Windows Live SkyDrive

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  2. So far as I can see, you cannot move a range of files nor can you move a wrongly located folder into the root directory. This means that all moving of files has to be singly which could be extremely time consuming for large numbers of files.

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thanks 4 u comments..

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