Talking about Add Google Talk & Twitter support to Windows Live Messenger

he first international version of BuddyFuse has been released. BuddyFuse,
is a free extension for Windows Live Messenger, which seamlessly
integrates chat and social networks into the world’s most widely used
instant messaging client. BuddyFuse currently enhances Windows
Live Messenger by adding support for Google Talk, Twitter and the Dutch
social network Hyves

With BuddyFuse you can currently add functionality from Google, Twitter and Hyves to Windows Live Messenger.


After adding your Google account:

Google chat contacts will be added to the Windows Live Messenger
contact list. As expected, you can chat with them when they’re online
just like with your normal Messenger buddies.
– Google contacts will
show their Google Talk status message as Messenger personal status
message, and their Google profile picture is shown as their display
picture in Messenger.
– Your Messenger status is used as status on
Google Talk. So if you are online on Messenger, you will also be online
on Google Talk.
– You receive notifications (alerts) for new emails in your Google Account (Gmail)


you add Twitter to BuddyFuse, all your personal status messages (the
text next to your display name) will automatically be posted to

Support for more services such as AIM, ICQ and Facebook is planned for future releases.


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